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Why you should cook for your woman.

“A man who cooks is attractive and a man who does the dishes is irresistible.” ~Unknown

While there are plenty of factors that go into what makes a man more appealing to women, knowing how to cook is up there at the top of the list. Want to impress your woman? Why not add a spin to your relationship by whipping out a meal or two for her.

Making a dinner reservation at your favourite restaurant is easy, anyone can do that. But cooking, that’s everything. Cooking is sexy, cooking connects people, cooking exudes care, effort and tells her she’s special.

“If you want to make a friend, go to someone’s house and eat with him…the people that give you their food, give you their heart.” ~Cesar Chavez

Today we share with you reasons as to why it would be amazing to cook for her.

Exudes a sexy appeal

“It was so romantic watching him cut up those onions and tomatoes. It made me wonder what else he could do with his fingers.” my friend confesses. And I have to agree. I am not sure what is. But there’s a sensual appeal added to cooking, watching a man work his way with a knife. I guess this is why bartenders are so sexy to women.

Men who can cook offer new experiences

When a man is thinking about how to treat his woman and make her feel special, his options will lie between a sunset dinner at a restaurant or sending her roses and chocolates. Which options are okay. However, the experience of a man cooking for her will add a lot of sentimental value to the relationship. It’s an opportunity to connect on a much deeper level, share ups and downs. Even after a couple of years go by, she’ll remember it as a time she was truly cared for.

They get a great date even when you are broke

A nice romantic dinner at home can help a man set up a budget-friendly date. So even when he is broke, he can give his woman an amazing experience. That means no excuses that you can’t go out because you’re broke.

Breakfast in bed

Well, who doesn’t love it? There’s something about a man wanting to woo the one that stole your heart all over again. There’s no better way to do that than to whiff up a sumptuous breakfast for her. Tell her to just sit back and relax. Plus, it will get you in her good books the rest of the year I promise.

Real men cook

Stereotypically, a woman’s place is the kitchen. But at a time where roles have been switched, a man who wants to cook for his woman is unlike any typical man. Women appreciate masculinity, that’s true. However, men who can cook reveal a softer more sensitive side that will warm a woman’s heart.

Different strokes for different folks, not everyone will feel the same way. Some men hate cooking and some women don’t mind if their spouse/date can cook for them. In the end, cooking is a great skill that will serve you well in your expression of love.

Article by Christen Atim (Hello fresh Uganda) 

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